"In the powerful sea between the west islands and the

eastern continent a stirring had been going on for a while now."

A stirring in the Dreaming Pool. 

After a time the water slows down, it eases outwards. The ripples merge
      and flow into calm. A mirror forms - Becomes - unfolds before our very eyes....



 The Dreaming pool is the place where ideas come from.
It’s where we connect to the source of our creativity. It’s where we
can be with ourselves and allow our inner wisdom to give us the
answers we seek. Insight comes from the Dreaming Pool.It's the
place within us that can be accessed when we daydream, when
we walk in nature, when we have let go of all other things for the
moment and just allow our thoughts to wander. When we relax
and give ourselves the time off  from everything the Dreaming
Pool can bring us messages, insights and illuminations.
What are the Dreaming Pool Cards?
They are a symbolic language system to explore your inner world.
If you are stuck or need to find an answer look for guidance in the
cards to spark your intuition into finding what you need.
They can be used to explore relationships, find direction, to unlock the
insight you need to move forward in your creative ventures or any venture.


Reading the cards is time out to reflect on matters that are important to you and to explore what you can do about them.

The cards and guidebook offer support on your journey, they bring you

back to your own inner wisdom. 


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