Promoting the Zone...                                                

When art connects with people it's not an intellectual occurrence, it goes beyond analysis directly to the soul.

"It speaks to me" she said "and it's speaking on a level beyond words. I don't know why it captures me, I don't know why I like it but I do."



The work connects with the part of you where time stops - in the Zone. It transports you there acting as a conduit. You absorb the information, merge with it and are the final act in the profound mystery that is the creative process. I have spent my life following the call of the Zone going wherever it has brought me and creating whatever has decided to come through me. The results - photographs, soundscapes, installations, stories, paintings, designs, videos, conversations, moments, occurrences and experiences all live with me and outside of me at the same time connecting me and whoever else experiences them to the mysterious and magical nature of the Zone.